Saturday, March 6, 2010


Colossus from Raleigh, NC
Mitch Nipper
Jeff Danger
Wells Steve
"No Tomorrow" from Wilmington

"Cough" from Richmond, VA
Punk Ross stare down at Durham, NC

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Well I hope that everyone had a swell 2009. I know I did. I traveled the entire year. The only place I paid rent in 2009 was in New Zealand. I'm not really sure why, but I'm proud of that. I move back in to my old house starting today. Ross is renting me his room, and he decided to live in the RV in the backyard. Its a pretty awesome set-up... well I really dont feel like typing anymore, so Im gonna leave it at that.....
some pictures of new years eve at the soapbox.......

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

don't count your chickens before they hatch!!

SO listen to this, Its been pouring rain all day so I rode down to the park to make sure the bowl didn't cave in. I stopped at a store on the way to buy a cheap raincoat so I didn't get completely soaked. I buy the coat and put it on in the store and walk outside in the rain. Only that it wasn't raining anymore!!! At somepoint between me going in the store and me purchasing a rain coat, it decided to get all sunny and hot outside!! I couldn't believe it! But you know Im a laid back guy, so I said fuck it I'll just go do some work.. SO I go to the park and get all my shit set up to weld some studs... I pull out all my leads get my magnets out and start welding. I didn't make it 10 minutes before the bottom dropped out and it started pouring rain. I had to pack up all my tools in the rain!! But gues whatt................................I stayed as fry as I could be cause I bought a sweet ass camo rain jacket today!!!!!!!
Sunrise at New Brighton....
Jesse bsiv
this is what sarah looks like in america
more friends
one last friend

I have tons of photos and tons of stories to update which I'll do soon...

Friday, July 24, 2009

A forgotten friend..

Today I found an old friend of mine that I had forgotten about for some time now.  I used to sit for hours telling this friend about what was going on in my life and show them pictures.  They would just sit there and take it all in.  I know from other friends that this forgotten friend would spread the stories of my travels for me and even show the pictures I took to everyone.  They never asked for anything in return and after all this time there was no bad blood.  So this morning I decided to sign in to my blog and rekindle this old flame.  So know that I am not gone, and nor have I forgotten about my blog.  My life has been extremely busy lately and I have had no time for things such as my blog.  
A quick recap; The park is done and we opened it to the public last friday.  We had a really hard couple of weeks trying to get it done in time but in the end it turned out awesome.  The opening went off beautifully and had no less than 300 people attend.  I took a good slam right in front of the mayor of christchurch and subsequently ruptured my ear drum.  All in all it went off really well.  
The next day my mate James took up to the mountain to go snowboarding.  It was absolutely beautiful with clear skies that allowed to see all the way to the sea from the mountain.  Good snow with very little ice.  The rest of the week I spent trying to get as many skates in at the bowl as possible.  I am quite bummed to have to  leave the park.  Then yesterday James took me up to the mountain again.  This time we went up with burton to do a demo for a snow shop.  James works for burton and we went up with the rest of the guys from burton along with all of the 12010 boards and bindings for the shop to demo.  It was rad trying out different board setups.  The snow yesterday was amazing.  It had snowed for two days in a row beforehand so the mountain was covered with powder.  All my runs in the morning were on virgin powder making fresh tracks.  I had a lot of fun and am super stoked that james has been taking me up to the snow.  
Well Sarah and I are heading back to the states in less than two weeks marking an end to our New Zealand excursion.  We both look forward to seeing all of our friends and being back in the good ol' U S of A.......

see you soon